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CLINTEL DATA SOLUTIONS | Transforming Clinical Data

“We always felt that powerful analytics were only available to companies who had a lot of money to spend on technology. ABL was able to demonstrate that this isn’t the case. They helped us design and implement reports from spreadsheets we received from our CRO’s. Now we have greater insight to our study activities and are able to ensure that our studies are progressing on schedule and on budget.”  – Mark R., San Diego, CA

ABL’s Clinical Intelligence (CLINTEL) solution provides a single platform for study analytics. No reconciliation, no more decisions based on inaccurate or incomplete data, no more manipulation of data to make it match reality, no more capturing the same data in multiple systems. Our solution allows your data to work for you instead of you working to access your data. Installation is available in both cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and on-premises configurations. Developed using industry-proven architecture that boasts fast time to implementation, superior visualizations, and technology that is focused on users (e.g. study managers, CRAs, data managers, clinical trial assistants, etc.) as opposed to Information Systems experts.

CLINTEL offers a reporting solution that simultaneously accesses data from multiple clinical systems and presents the information in a way that’s geared specifically to development staff working on clinical trials. Our customizable, easy-to-use interface allows non-technical users to view and explore data trends through a series of pre-packaged modules, while also providing users with the ability to create ad-hoc reports and dashboards in minutes. Pre-formatted dashboards are designed to support industry best practices related to risk-based monitoring, data management operational metrics, trial management operational metrics and more. By providing the ability to combine data from multiple data management systems (e.g. Rave®, InForm®, OC RDC®, etc.), clinical trial management systems (e.g. Siebel®, Medidata®, BioClinica®) and safety systems (e.g. Argus®, AERS®, etc.)

Why Choose CLINTEL?

  • Fast start-up
  • Created for clinical development users
  • User friendly interface and data-setup
  • Superior visualizations
  • Data management and operational metrics
  • Support for risk-based monitoring models
  • System agnostic
  • SaaS and on-premises options
  • Decades of expertise
  • Zero-IT-footprint options available

Product Features

Data Management

Data management modules provide fast and accurate insight into current and future workload; trends in data error rates; and risk trends related to site, page, datapoint and CRA among others. This information can help to identify and mitigate issues early and accurately.

Risk Based Monitoring

Our Risk-Based Monitoring metrics splashboard provides an at-a-glance view of your study’s risk profile, identifying the sites at highest risk. CLINTEL also uses industry best practices to provide risk scores for key areas related to Risk-Based Monitoring.

Program Management/ Operational Metrics

CLINTEL helps speed time to benefits realization by providing cross-functional, cross-study metrics for operational management of clinical trials. Utilize data from past studies to plan more accurately for new studies; identify issues accurately and early, so that key program and study decisions can be made earlier.

Ad-Hoc Reporting

CLINTEL provides end users with fast and flexible ad hoc reporting capabilities. From tables to bar charts to box and whisker plots, CLINTEL allows non-technical end users to create visualizations that meet their needs, in minutes.

Connect to Multiple Data Sources

CLINTEL is capable of combining study data from multiple sources, providing a single source of the truth for key information for studies, sites, CRAs and other data groupings. Providing comprehensive insight across an entire program, removing the data silos, reduce data capture redundancy among systems, thereby increasing data accuracy.


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