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Jeffrey S. Epstein

Chairman & CEO

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Adnan Shawkat

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Message From Our CEO

Every day my colleagues and I have the privilege of doing something great — providing essential workforce and analytical solutions to our customers that enable them to focus on their core business and deliver life-saving treatments to market.

ABL is providing more workforce solutions than ever before. We’ve established a stellar reputation as a trusted partner in the industry. This is primarily based on our ability to develop long lasting and professional relationships built on our commitment to putting in the work to find the right candidates for our client’s teams.

We’ve also been making great strides with our data analytics and business intelligence reporting offerings. Our combined 40+ years of industry experience has given us the unique advantage to know what our clients are interested in seeing, and help them focus in on the key actionable insights lurking within the massive volumes of data that they generate. Early exposure to, and understanding of, these key insights has enabled our clients to make critical business decisions that have saved them countless hours and significantly reduced associated costs.

Our customers continue to provide positive feedback about our team and our contributions within their organizations. It’s been very encouraging!

Everything we do at ABL is aimed at helping our clients be more efficient and supporting their ability to focus on their core business. We provide talented people, apply smart processes, and blend in best-in-class technologies to work in powerful harmony.

We are proud of our efforts, and I am pleased to share them with you.

Jeffrey S. Epstein